Powder Brows

Day 1

  1. Face and skin anatomy
  2. Everything about eyebrows:
    -eyebrow structure
    -eyebrow shapes
    -eyebrow issues
  3. Eyebrow styling
  4. Disinfection and sanitizing
  5. Regulations of procedure:
    -consent form
    -client inform form
    -after care instructions

Day 2

  1. Material observation:
    -introduction to equipment
    -variety of needles
    -disposable materials for the procedure
    -numbing creams
  2. Pigments
  3. Practice on synthetic leather

Day 3

  1. Preparation for the procedure
  2. Styling brows on a model
  3. Providing the procedure


February 18-20th

March 18-20th




Aesthetic Skin Care, Lashes & Brows

Price: $2500
The price includes: permanent makeup machine, student kit and lunch.
Certificate of completion at the end of the training.

One Day Training Program

  1. Marketing observation of the procedure
  2. Sanitation and disinfection
  3. Regulations of procedure:
    -consent form
    – after care instructions
  4. Material observation
  5. Working space organisation
  6. Face anatomy
  7. Eyebrow styling
  8. Coloristic and principles of coloring brows
  9. Steps of the procedures


February 26th

March 26th


Aesthetic Skin Care, Lashes & Brows

Price: $600
The price includes a student kit and lunch.